What is DGB? The Ultimate Guide to Understanding Cryptocurrency: DigiByte

Friday, September 10, 2021 at 6:00pm

Established in 2014, DigiByte is a decentralized cryptocurrency with its own blockchain. It has multiple applications including the financial world and the Internet of Things. Security of payments and communications are its main features. Digi Byte retains a high market cap and is one of the most traded cryptocurrencies on major exchanges. It was created by Jared Tate, who is popular in the field for writing a book on the subject of the Internet 3.0: “Blockchain 2035: The Digital DNA of Internet.”


What is DGB?

DigiByte is a decentralized currency, unlike other blockchains, which have centralized currencies like Bitcoin and ETC. The DigiByte blockchain has many wallets to choose from, but the dominant one is the client written in JavaScript (commonly known as the “Digibyte IDE”).


How to buy DGB?

When to buy DGB? DigiByte (DGB) is almost certain to become a top 10 cryptocurrency one day. In the meantime, anyone can buy DGB for just 0.000001 DGB (0.0019 USD) using Coinbase.


The Future of DigiByte

In a recent interview with Byliner, Tate explained his interest in cryptocurrency, saying, “I was initially interested in the transformative nature of the blockchain technology. At first, I was skeptical of its value and I expected that its applications would require lots of work and optimization to realize their potential. Over time, I realized that the most efficient way to make my voice heard on this technology was to release a cryptocurrency in which I hold an active interest.” His first cryptocurrency, DigiByte (DGB), addresses the situation of lack of trust in banking and existing payment infrastructures. According to him, cryptocurrency is a “new digital transaction system.



So what are the factors of which one should pick a cryptocurrency? The cost of trading is the most important aspect, but choosing a volatile currency is not the only factor to consider. Security of payments and communications are also important in the short term. Ease of development and supply of solutions are also important in the long term. Reliability, usability, and utility are also important. It’s also important to remember that even if you are not currently trading or using cryptocurrencies, it’s still possible to invest in cryptocurrencies. This is a guest post written by Lane Moore, who is the founder of Bitch Media and The Bitch List. He has spoken at TED and The UN and has been interviewed by The Atlantic, The Guardian, Playboy, NPR, Slate, and many other publications.