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Particl (PART) Marketplace the Decentralized Revolution has Begun

Monday, August 6, 2018 at 9:33pm

Particl coin’s price technicals are better then 96% of all coins followed by and a Buy opinion was issued on Particl today, while it trades at USD$4.80 and trending higher. Previously known as ShadowCash developed in 2014 by Ryno Mathee, and recently renamed Particl in 2017 with the same mission to empower the global society with a decentralized application (daaps) marketplace and providing access to e-commerce on the blockchain.

Common features of dapps include:

Open Source – governed by autonomy, changes are decided by the majority of users.

Protocol – community must agree on the cryptographic algorithm  Proof of Work (PoW) or Proof of Stake (POS) to show proof of value.

Decentralized – All of the applications records must be stored on a decentralized and public blockchain.

Incentivized – cryptographic tokens are rewarded to the validators of the blockchain.

Particl project features include a decentralized marketplace dapp built-in their wallet and a cryptocurrency agnostic marketplace designed to provide privacy and low cost and secure e-commerce solution for both buyers and sellers. All earnings from the market place are distributed to all owners of Particl coins.

Particl’s dapp store/marketplace model will allow for cars to be rented when not in use or allow you to lease your computers memory when not in use. Some of dapp projects to follow include; Golem (GNT) trading at $.21, Augur (REP) trading at $27.80 and Melonport (MLN) $16.60.

Download their desktop app here:

See price charts  and more here: