What Is CHSB? The Ultimate Guide to Understanding Cryptocurrency: SwissBorg

Thursday, August 19, 2021 at 7:14pm

SwissBorg is decentralizing wealth management by making it fun, fair, and community-centric. Their flagship product, the Wealth App, allows users to securely buy, sell and exchange digital assets. The multi-utility CHSB token is at the heart of their ecosystem and offers the benefits of staking, and a protect and burn the program to protect the price of the token in bearish markets through limiting supply. The team believes that blockchain technology can empower everyone to control their wealth and that this is the next step towards a world of decentralized nations.


What is CHSB

The Swiss Monetary Core (or “CHSB” for short) is a blockchain-based digital asset issued by SwissBorg. CHSB, currently in a pre-sale stage, is part of the SwissBorg platform and can be bought directly through CHSB.com or by sending ETH to the wallet address listed below. CHSB will be used for staking purposes to protect the price of the token in bearish markets. For further information regarding CHSB and SwissBorg, visit https://www.chsb.


The SwissBorg Ecosystem

CHSB is the value token in the SwissBorg ecosystem and is used to mine coins, trade with the wealth management platform, and to protect the ecosystem with a coins protect and burn scheme. The SwissBorg website details the power of their system. When someone sells a wealth asset on the platform, a percentage of that trade revenue is credited to that person's CHSB. Then, the Wealth App tracks that value and can spend it for various discounts on purchases and exchanges for traditional cryptocurrencies. The exchange rate is adjusted regularly to stabilize the asset price and any trade will be settled in the CHSB to keep the currency stable. Coins that are traded on the Wealth App are also permanently secure on the CHSB blockchain, making it the ultimate control token for your crypto assets.


Why Is CHSB Important?

Due to the daily volatility of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, the Swiss Central Bank sees cryptocurrency as a threat to its business model. Investors and individuals holding fiat currencies, however, are also trading, and CHSB is their way of protecting themselves in such an uncertain world. At the same time, the SwissBorg product brings something very different to the market. According to SwissBorg: "Our vision is to create a new way of managing wealth by building a platform with multi-asset price discovery and dynamic fee compression into a single product. A SwissBorg solution allows people to buy, sell, store, and trade assets.


How Digital Currencies Work

Digital assets have already permeated every industry. Cryptocurrencies, or digital assets, are produced by a process known as mining. Users are rewarded for contributing resources in the form of newly created cryptocurrency. This has given rise to a huge amount of speculation on digital currencies, as many experts see them as a bubble about to burst. While it is true that cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum have seen dizzying rises, that doesn't mean they won't go through more ups and downs. The value of any one digital currency tends to rise and fall. Cryptocurrencies are stored in a public and private key, which helps users transfer the currency between one another securely.


Tokenomics and the Economy of a Blockchain Company

What is a company token worth? When you look at companies like Spotify or Airbnb, the answer might be 5 to 6 figures. These are unicorns, world-changing companies with a market cap of $9B or $30B, the respective valuations for these businesses. A company token might be worth 1% of a company’s worth but could be just as valuable and integral to the total value of the firm. Another company token worth considering is the 10,000 coins issued by Dogecoin. At its peak in late 2017, the value of a single Dogecoin was $4,000. Today, the value of one Dogecoin is $0.008. A month ago the token was worth $0.04 and just two months ago was worth $0.05. Dogecoin was originally designed as a fun cryptocurrency and an internet meme-themed cryptocurrency.



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